What Is The New Slang?

New/Slang is all about helping you capitalise on the latest consumer tastes and trends at the right time in a credible and captivating way. When Dylan sang The Times They Are a-Changin in 1964, he couldn’t have predicted the speed at which things would move 50 years later. Today, with online being an all-consuming part of our daily lives, tastes and trends in fashion, technology, music, culture, food and language, ping-pong around the world at a dizzying pace. We are living in an age where a new global vernacular can be established within weeks or days and disappear just as quick. This means marketers need to be way more adaptable and dynamic than they had to be before.


But, if you’re there at the right time and act in the right way, chances are you’ll be seen as authentic and credible -- two hugely important foundational elements in the effort to engender brand love with consumers and illicit action. That said, not every bangwagon is worth hitching to, but if you have foresight, innovative marketing smarts and a healthy dose of killer instinct it can have a profound impact on your success.

Our mission is to have your brand at the right place, at the right time, with the right tone.

Let us help you understand, take advantage of and create the trend that will make your brand famous.